To go far in life; it is perhaps better to not go too far.

Elephants on Parade
Royal Exchange

I have been travelling again.  This time to go to London and work for a month.  It should have been “easy”; I have a flat there, I have a husband there.  I have friends.  Other squirrels who demand my attention (in the cutest way).  One had babies; I think about 8 or so.  She is all beat up; her tail is chewed and her fur is coming off.  She looks how I feel.  I imagine her babies fighting in the nest at night while she holds her little paws over her ears. “GO TO SLEEP!!”

She looks how I feel.  Her teeth are bad; she struggles with nuts.  I did not have my “good” camera with me; so I could not see what was wrong.  Thank heaven Marks and Spencer now sells peanut butter (smooth and crunchy and it is really good) so I could make her little sandwiches she could “lick”.  By the time I left she did look better.  I now worry about her as I am gone.  My husband leaves early in the morning and can’t wait to make certain that she, not the pigeons, and not her kids – eat her special sandwiches.  Not to mention he probably wouldn’t make them.

So,  like I was saying, it should have been easy.  But it wasn’t.  I have been out of (professional) work a year.  I worked for the Census.  I worked for a wine store.  The wine store gave me tennis elbow.  The Census was fun; but a number of people REALLY don’t want to talk to you.  and, you think – WHY????  I am a hell of a lot nicer than L’Administration in Luxembourg.  Do you know what they do when you won’t answer questions?  Revoke your visa and deport you.  Done and dusted; you are toast.  I realised how hard people in America doing “average” jobs work and for how little.  My proverbial hat is off to all of you (us).

Poeple live in America and think they have no responsibility to at least be counted.  I say; go back to wherever you came from and ask them to take care of you.

Back to London.  I haven’t slogged into the City and out; ate from Pret (a Manger), nor “popped” into Tesco for a year.  I had missed my mates.  A lot.  I didn’t have time to see them.  The weekend I was too tired and catching up.  I did see my squirrels.

People in London (with jobs) work long hours.  Don’t let that “European” thing about 35 hours and six weeks holiday fool you – we work a lot.  Especially when you are on a contract – like me. You NEED a vacation as you are shattered when done working.

I thought a month in London would be a breeze – I would renew my friendships and use my skills.  Far to go – but I function in two and sometimes three countries just fine.  I think it makes me a better and more interesting person.  I eBay internationally.  I have gone far; but at this point I wonder if indeed; to go far in life, that one can stay closer to home and and up at the same point.

Drivers wanted.


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