WB Harry Potter Studios in England

We went to the just opened WB Harry Potter Studio tour Friday.
We love the Harry Potter books; films; terminology;  journey.  When my daughter was 7; I had major surgery in London and Paris.  Aside from being in the hospital; when I got home I couldn’t do much.  She ready all the HP books written up to that point (at 7!) then continued on when each new one came out.  I did as well.

At the WB Harry Potter Studio. I highly recommend. We had a great time.

Having done all the other types of “tours”; I was apprehensive (would it be crowded?  Cheesy?  Could I take photos? Is it just to make more money now that the films are complete?  Will people step on me?).  It was the best laid out; organised, inspiring type of visit we have had.  My daughter and her friend were enthralled for four to five hours; never losing interest.  That in itself is the seal of approval.  I was totally taken as well.   I have to admit to having tears in my eyes on a couple instances from the overwhelming emotion of seeing and being in it – the joy, the creativity, the space these people lived in for a number of years that it permeated inside me  even though I am a muggle.  I am thankful it is allergy season; and I have blepharitis in my eyes so I could lay the blame there…..

The intricacies of the process; the attention; the dumpster diving that some lucky souls were able to do to come up with the sets.  It spoke to me of all that we can be if we are open and inspired; and willing and able to expand our hearts into our work.  Our passion.  Our life.  Oh – how I hope this to be true for my child!

What was best (other than the butterbeer!)?  I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone.  But for me; the attention to detail.  The Knight bus.  The Quidditch brooms.  Dobby in the flesh.  How big Hagrid was!  Mandrakes.  Potions.  And even the studio gift shop with its original pieces from the films; the Gringott’s chandelier; the potion bottles……was perfect.  We were inspired; bought a cell from Prisoner of Azkaban and a few other bits.  (okay – if you must know; a Snitch bracelet for prosperity!)  And I dreamed of my daughter going to a Ball in Hermione’s Yule Ball Gown and coordinating handbagRemember how she came down the stairs and we all gasped???

And although this is booked up all through the holiday; there are not such a large  number of people in there that spoil it.  (Unlike the David Hockney exhibit the next day.  OMG. I had to get out.)

You have time.  You have space.  There are benches to sit.  You can absorb and dream.  You can take photos of everything.  You can watch the magic filter through the music into people’s minds.

Now I need to go read the books again…..

Singing in the Spring

Robin at vale Farm Community Garden

Volunteering at Vale Farm Community Gardens in North London.  Have learned now what London’s houses and built from.  We hit solid clay after a first few inches.  Clay so thick; even the worms are flat.  You release them; pop them into what is already dug up and composted – and wait for them to “puff”.

Robins in England are the best.  Perky and inquisitive.  Investigative.  Watching.  Cheeky – in a good way.  Two robins watch us trying to double dig the clay; L finds a manure pile and brings over a wheelbarrow full.  It is teeming with red and wiggling worms.  If a robin could drool; this would be the time.  We fork it into the clay.

Time for a break; and the first thing we see is the robin in the freshly dug soil; with his cheeky little beak full.  Bless him/her (I think they look the same).  Makes us smile.  We will have at least two mascots this summer. Are they singing for us workers?  Probably not; but what a joyful sound!