Singing in the Spring

Robin at vale Farm Community Garden

Volunteering at Vale Farm Community Gardens in North London.  Have learned now what London’s houses and built from.  We hit solid clay after a first few inches.  Clay so thick; even the worms are flat.  You release them; pop them into what is already dug up and composted – and wait for them to “puff”.

Robins in England are the best.  Perky and inquisitive.  Investigative.  Watching.  Cheeky – in a good way.  Two robins watch us trying to double dig the clay; L finds a manure pile and brings over a wheelbarrow full.  It is teeming with red and wiggling worms.  If a robin could drool; this would be the time.  We fork it into the clay.

Time for a break; and the first thing we see is the robin in the freshly dug soil; with his cheeky little beak full.  Bless him/her (I think they look the same).  Makes us smile.  We will have at least two mascots this summer. Are they singing for us workers?  Probably not; but what a joyful sound!


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