Squirrel Appreciation Day: 10 Amazing Things to Truly Appreciate : Wildlife Promise

Squirrel Appreciation Day: 10 Amazing Things to Truly Appreciate : Wildlife Promise.

I love squirrels.  I truly do.  And when going through papers looking in vain for my National Insurance Number; I found this that my friend Peter had sent me on the significant day.  January, in case you missed it.  And then sent it on to another squirrel friend (specifically RED squirrels, not GREY as they are ruining the English squirrel landscape) who I thought would enjoy it.

Squirrels make me smile and laugh.  I miss my Minnesota squirrels; the ones who ran to me when I pulled the car into the driveway.  Okay – I know they only wanted nuts; but is it any different with a cat?  (fish) A spouse?  (the usual)

In return for nuts, often eaten from my hand; I am rewarded with gut busting antics; and marbles.  When I nap on the lawn chair they come up on the chair and tickle my hair.  I can make up stories of what they are saying.  “Oh look, Jake – the nut goddess is lounging!  Let’s go paw through her hair and see where the nuts come from!”

Uncle Bob complained that they no longer ran away when he clapped his hands.  They thought they were being applauded.  French friends marveled at my companion squirrels.

My daughter complained because squirrels prefer to eat on carpet.  They would often sit right inside the sliding glass door, so they could rest their bums on something cushy.  “MOTHER! You can’t let them do this!”

Celebrate the squirrels in your life each day!  Even if they are human!

Got Nuts?


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