Back into the dumpster; and having a great time!

I dug up a Diamond, rare and fine
I dug up a diamond, rare and fine…

Back in the saddle again.  Rear end up while diving into, well, not a dumpster this time.  I’m not in the Duchy.

It’s been awhile.  So many things can get into the way of  true passion – and when it goes too long, that little voice draws you into somewhere, and then down where no one else is looking.  It is truly where you find the best – what no one else has eyes for, unless it is upfront and centre; and therefore gone.  Like so many things in life.  Like Mark Knopfler’s song “I Dug Up a Diamond”.  Metaphor for paying attention.

Charity shops have “bins” or “tubs”, where what isn’t selling goes for cheap.  I cruised the shelf; then my eyes caught a design that was pleasing.  Not to mention the size of the mug; perfect for my friend D’s black bean soup recipe with lots of garlic (which i just happened to have bought at the French Market the weekend) and some creme fraiche.  You see – I am not disciplined like my friend.   I don’t even go for the reduced fat. 

Retrieving it from the yellow plastic tub filled with the plain and functional cups people drop off and no one really wants – I found a lovely “old mark” Portmeirion . ( If you are not familiar – this is a pottery company that encompassed an entire town in southwest England (which is still there) although today the pottery is made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.  Along with Wedgwood, Emma Bridgewater, most of the rest of them.  But the best thing about finding this one was that I had not seen the pattern before.  But somehow, my eyes recognized it without my knowing.  I dug up a diamond. 

So this leads me on a new mission to track down which design this one is – and when it was made.  Speaking to the lovely ladies at the main store in Stoke-on-Trent (I love how they call me “luv”) I learned that there is not really any compilation of Portmeirion designs – but suggested a paperback book that has most of the older ones in it.  I also learned that “Mistletoe” was discontinued years ago – as well as napkin rings; and if I come for a visit I should bring a checkbook.  Oh dear.  I am already familiar with Botanical Garden; the Heirloom Roses; Queen’s Hidden Garden; (never found one yet in a charity shop) Birds of Britain.  But I look forward to a new search; this one is going to need a sister so I can serve black bean soup for two.

Ail Rose