La Soeur Arrivee!

Image Just a couple days after I wrote about the beautiful Portmeirion found in the tub on the floor with all the discounted items….and wishing for a second to share soup with someone – look what showed up in the same shop.  The glaze is crazed; (but then again, so am I) (crazed, not glazed) and there is a small chip.  Must be the older sister.  But now I have two – I had better get the soup pot ready. 

My book arrived from the lovely ladies up at Stoke-on-Trent.  I can’t find these patterns; but I have learned a lot more about this wonderful company and designs.  And now will be keeping my eyes and heart open for a couple more designs.  And will make be better at spotting them in tubs, dumpsters, wherever I happen to be. 

Today I finally picked up a coffeepot I had been watching in another shop window; it has been there almost a month.  It is attractive – in a retro kind of way –  something about it said “turn me over”.  Villeroy and Boch; and made in Luxembourg (not China, as some of the recent ones are).  Reminds me of another story that needs writing – but later.  Involving Luxembourg, Germany, and Prescott, Arizona USA it is a longer route than Route 66; but you could go through Flagstaff quite easily on the way to Prescott if you landed in Vegas.  Image



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