Angels we have heard on High III

Day three of Angels.  A little more of a challenge today; and simply my own fault in many ways,  First off, the tube is down on Image my line.  This is not unusual; but I had forgotten about it.  Rail replacement bus to Kings Cross. Walk to Bloomsbury; which is a ‘hood I really like to wander for many reasons.  But so far; not an angel in sight. 

Sometimes, instead of looking up you need to look down.  In the basement of the RAD (Royal Academy of Drama) this Sentinel is wondering why he has been left Image

out in the cold.  

And who would have imagined a kitty out of lichen?


I am outside the Oxford Street Tube station, with no intention of doing anything except going to Holland Park to visit friends.  However; there is a grand opening of a lingerie shop with snacks – and I feel peckish.  Off I go.

Christmas this year appears to be sponsored by Marmite.  If you go to their FaceBook page; you can upload a photo of yourself to be broadcast to all of shopping London.  Yikes.


I have no photos of the knickers shop; shall I say it was quite disappointing.  The name of the chain is La Senza; their stuff is made from cheap fabric which only accentuates your faults.  And the snacks consisted of small marshmallows and Haribo.  Distributed by girls wearing next to nothing and two men who were fully clothed.  Then I got to thinking…….with a shop full of women, there had to be SOMETHING the guys could have put on. 

I lived in France and am married to a Frenchman.  What I once noticed about Paris; is that on any corner you had an almost 100% chance of being near a patisserie, or a lingerie shop.  Sometimes both. I may also be the only woman married to a Frenchman to have never been given a gift of lingerie.  Probably because compared to Parisian women, I am a cow.  How sad.  But, apologies, I digress.


The only angel, and I am not certain it should be classified as such, is the huge one(s) above the door at Selfridges on Oxford Street.  What do you think?  It was all I managed today!  Tomorrow I shall try to not be waylaid by marshmallows masquerading as snacks.


I did say I was off to visit friends in Holland Park. 🙂




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