Angles we have heard on High IV

The other day I was up on Muswell Hill (Mussie, my daughter and her friends call it).   Not really “outside” weather; it was blowing a gale.  I walked past the Baptist Church; and although it was festooned with gargoyles; there was not a angel to be found!  This concerned me, somewhat greatly; as if gargoyles are Imagesupposed to scare away all the bad demons; where are the angels to watch over us?  I walked on to Ally Pally (Alexander Palace) where the only angel I saw was looking over the BBC tower.  That is an angel with a lot on its wings right now; I sent a silent blessing before leaving (rather blowing away).

So on Friday I walked by the Church again.  They had a sandwich board announcing a local Art Fair.  In I went. 

Nothing was really to my liking…..until I saw this table and a woman photographing her work.  She is a mixed-media ceramics artist; but my eyes went right to the angel on her table.  Image  “Ahhhhhh!”  I exclaimed.  “The gargoyles have not taken over!”.  Now I do admit the gargoyle, especially atop Notre dame in Paris; can be whimsical; these had not been.  (See top photo).  But this angel with its sublime expression was all I needed to see to redeem the church its ill humour.

Don’t you agree?  Image

Gros Bisous and total credit to Mandee Gage; for this visual treat.  I never did ask how much……


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