Angels We Have Heard on High VII December 27 2012

The prettiest one.  According to me.
The prettiest one. According to me.



I walked up Bond Street after a meeting.  I was on my way to Oxford Street, where I planned to nip into Selfridges for some N’Espresso pods (Indirya) before heading back home after meetings.

I had vaguely remembered that Victoria’s Secret  was finally opening in London.  My daughter is a true fan of VS “PINK” trackies.  Although I have found other V.S. articles in the laundry.At first, I thought one of the articles was a headband.  No further comment!

But this is a big attraction; I started to notice the pink shopping bags two blocks before; and two people asking the people with the highly visible pink bags where the store was.  They had American accents.  I thought that perhaps they should just wait until they took a trip home….frankly all “American” things here carry a hefty premium. Unless of course, they live in Arkansas, where they are better off here for a plethora of reasons.

This was my favorite Angel window…..okay – some of you might think this is slicing the turkey way too thin and close to the bone to choose this as an “Angel”.  But as I mentioned; when I look for them (Angels) they go “poof”; and who am I to be the judge of what “Angel” is really an “Angel”?  Some would definitely prefer fluff to abs.  Besides; I could get close to this one!  And the store was festive, the street was festive….

Some of you might be wondering if I wandered in and came out with a pink bag too.  No – I learned long ago that Angels don’t have my curves.  A couple of years ago my daughter and I watched the VS Fashion Show on television (Uncle Bob pretenses to be reading a book but was sneaking peeks and tapping his foot to the Black Eyed Peas) and if anything; these girls have no bums.  My “aha” moment as to why nothing in there I can wear. So the answer is “no” – I am more the Rigby &  Peller type. 🙂


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