I am passionate about Portmeirion.  From its days when it was located in Wales, the town Portmeirion is still open and a photographer’s dream.  When Susan Ellis WIlliams took over…she eventually moved it to Stoke-onTrent which is about 90 minutes north of London in an area chock-a-block full of small and large potteries including Wedgwood, Minton, Royal Doulton; you will be in pottery and china heaven.  It even has warning signs to remind you that indeed; there are REAL BONES in the bone china!  (Can a vegetarian eat off one of these plates?)

A secret.  Portmeirion is no longer making the napkin rings.  When I was up there a couple months ago I bought these at the factory (they are seconds, but perfect to my eye!); and I wanted three more.  They looked at them, they were the last at the shop.  It was decided that they didn’t meet the quality and refused to sell them to me….almost making me cry.  

These have a newer mark but are still made in England.  Sometimes….they are now being made in China.  I looked at some Royal Albert at Harrods…it was ALL produced in China.  I will never buy or sell anything that is not manufactured in England. 

These are listed on my eBay USA site.  Never used…..I think they are beautiful.  Attention to detail.  Love the itty bitty moths!

I am working on a chair rail so i can put mine all out…..lining my kitchen.  But unfortunately there are other projects ahead of that one!  I can dream.

i don’t like to “collect”.  But I can’t tell when they will decide to again manufacture these.  I won’t let many of mine go!

Hand carried from Stoke on Trent.  How many miles is THAT??!!  🙂



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