Richard Bresnahan – Pottery Studio at St. John’s Abbey.



I am truly blessed to have known this place for over 20 years. I was introduced by a friend of a friend…who told me as long as I was going to be in Minnesota I should go see her friends at the Episcopal House of Prayer located on the grounds of a Catholic Abbey.  “Really?”.  so I went, and when I got there I was almost immediately taken to see the pottery studio.  “Bring your check book” she told me.

Well, I think I did (bring the check book) but what really happened is that I met someone amazing; who makes me feel like I totally made his day when I visit; even though I do believe it is the complete other way around.  I feel honoured and special in HIS presence.  And calm.  And centred.  And like I have a little spot in this world and there will always be a place that I feel I understand (you see, I travel a lot and go for long spells where I can’t come and visit).  And, I almost wish that 20 years ago I would have dropped what I was doing and made myself useful around the studio such that they just rather kept me around for being useful…even though I can’t throw a pot…but I would not have had my lovely daughter so I have to think that perhaps when I retire he will let me come around and be useful even though I will be old.  And, knowing Richard, he probably would.


There has been a lot written already about Richard and his work. The sustainability.  The non use of chemicals in his glazes.  The massive wood fired kiln that fires once a year for 10 days, and has to be fed around the clock.  The community of people it takes to do it.  His study in Japan.  A Tanegashima Chamber, where my favourite pieces come out of.

So – it is not like I am breaking any ground by sharing my feelings.  I just hope he will be my friend for a really long time.  And allow me to share my photos of his amazing work.




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