Scottish Women for Independence

I am in Scotland, my spiritual home, and it is Referendum time.
I have followed it closely because: how often does one have the opportunity to see a country being born, as well as my total love for Glasgow and its people.
imageTonight I attended a dinner of Women for Independence, the YES vote.  I was honored to be invited, and meet such a wide variety of people with a common cause.  To own their future.  To nurture, and protect, and allow all the people of Scotland to Flourish for generations to come.  Not just the entitled, either in income or heredity.  And as an American, it reminds me about how precious we hold our own freedom.  And how Scotland has the chance to do the same, without guns and war.

I had had a request this evening.  “To the pioneers of Independence, can you lend a helping hand?  Public words of encouragement on the media would make all the difference. ”

I hope you will share.



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