Garnethill Women’s History Walk – Creative Mackintosh Month

IMG_6513The day was glorious for weather;  were lucky to be on this particular walk as the other one was cancelled due to the weather. Weather is rather “iffy” at times here in Scotland.

This walk is researched and presented by members of the Glasgow Women’s Library, a 21 year old institution whose original location is part of this walk (below).  21 years on they have moved into a new location Original location of Glasgow Women's Libraryin the east of Glasgow which begins its remodel this month.  From humble beginnings…..

Chookie BirdThe “Chookie Burdies” inhabits the streetlights in the Garnethill neighbourhood; by sculptor artist Shona Kinloch.  There are 150 of these wee delights perching throughout the ‘hood.  Best of all, they won’t poo(p) on your head!  stepping stones inscriptions

Inscriptions in stone in the community park reflect memories of the neighbourhood’s past…poignant.  This was a real artist community at one time and the women whose lives were a foundation here were feisty; like the Glaswegian women I know today.  Their lives live on in these stones; the stories; the legacies they leave.  Unlike the men, whose fame is cast in stone to remember forever in huge statues and stone mausoleums at the Necropolis (also a history walk) women form a foundation of quieter, but perhaps more resilient threads to weave “community”.  High School

We finish our walk at the Glasgow School of Art; the building most identifiable with Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  It is undergoing rehabilitation after this May’s major fire, where much of the Library was destroyed.  Mackintosh’s wife, Margaret Macdonald was an amazing artist and contributed much to his success and stature in Glasgow; unfortunately much of it coming after their deaths.  Some of her works are in the Kelvingrove Museum, including the original that had been part of the Willow Tearoom on Sauchiehall.

A woman sits as Dean of the Art School now; one of the most successful Deans the school has had. School of Art

I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the walk & talk; so I hope I have teased you into learning more on your own!

For more information, please email “ uk” or visit “”

Thank you, ladies!  I had an amazing day with you.

Model of School of Art School of Art

Now under reconstruction; the library and damage from the fire May 2014.
Now under reconstruction; the library and damage from the fire May 2014.


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