I have been volunteering at the Botanic Gardens “Electric Lights” event.  The other night, while getting ready I looked in the pond and noticed a fish that was upright.  I asked the park warden if the fish was dying (as lots of kids would be there that night).

He gets along with everyone.
He gets along with everyone.

“That’s Bob.  We call him Bob because, well, he’s a bobber.  Something went wrong with his ballast so he is and up and down fish.  He’s fine”.

Funny I hadn’t noticed Bob before, I have been there a lot.  And just then Bob swam….a wee bit.Bob Swims

And then went back to “Bobbing”.  He eats just fine.  The other fish don’t seem to mind that he is a vertical fish instead of a horizontal one.  Just like all families – we aren’t all the same.  Bob has a better view of us.  Swimming must give him a head rush. Bob

Say “hi” to Bob when you are in the Kibble Palace, Glasgow Botanic Gardens.  The fish are lovely to look at.  But please don’t feed them; one fish ate so much he couldn’t digest all his food and they tried to “ballast” him so he would be equally-weighted; it only worked a couple days.  I guess fish, like horses, can’t vomit.  Bob and friends


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