Grand Canyon

I was inspired by my friend Anabel’s blog post and photos of the Grand Canyon.  I went through my old photo disks to find ones from our trip there with a good friend who lives in Prescott, AZ – the first time my daughter saw the Grand Canyon. 

South Rim of Grand Canyon
South Rim of Grand Canyon

“The Grand Canyon,” I kept telling her in her early years, “is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  Spectacular.  Awesome. I can’t wait until you can go there.”  We are American, but my daughter has been raised mostly in Europe.  After I dragged her to numerous castles in the Loire Valley of France; she announced to our French side of the family, “if I have to go to one more chateau; I shall vomit!”.  We bribed her with local patisseries after each visit.  Even Jean d’Arc (Joan of Arc) was not compelling to her.  But she could be bribed with French pastries (and this still works).

After a two-hour drive with one of my best friends who is as goofy as I am, so we sang almost the entire trip… we pulled up to the parking lot and got her out of the car, covering her eyes.  We walked her to the Rim and uncovered her view.  The look on her face?  Priceless – I can still see it today.  Total Awe.

Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon South Rim.

We stayed a couple days; walking around, eating our home-made food at picnic benches, seeing all we could see, watched the condors that had been recently reintroduced at the Park.  We laughed – joked about attracting wildlife; “just roll your shoulders and yell ‘hubba hubba’!” and made a lot of memories.  We were fortunate to get a last minute room at the El Tovar Hotel right at the Rim.  Sneaking Emily in, she slept on an air mattress we brought.  I barely sleep that night; it was all too magic.

Afternoon arrival
Afternoon arrival

I have been on a lot of vacations at a lot of wonderful places.  But for memories; this one tops them all.  The first time my daughter saw the Grand Canyon.

Thank you Auntie Jannie – you’re the best.  We miss you.  M xx

The clouds have an amazing effect on the scenery
The clouds have an amazing effect on the scenery

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