The Southern Necropolis – Glasgow

It’s hard to imagine how you make life go on when you put yourself in the place of early inhabitants of Glasgow.  Or any city that has seen its share of hard times, disease, high mortality.  I remember 30 plus years ago going through some of the graveyards of the ghost towns in Montana, and seeing similar.  How does a parent go on?  You just do.

The Southern Necropolis sits aside the Gorbals in Glasgow.  Unlike its more posh cousin The Necropolis, atop a hill overlooking Glasgow and above The Glasgow Cathedral; the Southern Necropolis is flat and practically hidden if you don’t know where to look for it.

Other than Sir Thomas Lipton, I don’t think anyone of historical note is buried here.  They are families and individuals with stories of their own.  A campaign to highlight those who served in The Great and other Wars has begun and these headstones stand out among the faded tumble of the others.  I appreciate the way the UK appreciates those who served.  Every city has a War Monument of some type in a park.

What I notice here is the birdsong.  And I think how nice it would be to spend time eternal listening to the chatter of the birds and the walkers of dogs who were visiting.

Southern Necropolis
Southern Necropolis

grave stone with bird

Lawn daisies
Lawn daisies

Wee Wille

looking at the dates; hard to imagine the pain of losing all your children.
looking at the dates; hard to imagine the pain of losing all your children.


  1. I enjoyed a walk round here last year – there are some very interesting graves including Lipton which you highlighted and “Greek” Thomson, but mainly – I agree – of ordinary people. I noted some that I thought might make a good GWL walk. I also just read recently about a mad panic in the Gorbals when all the local weans went vampire hunting in the S Necropolis! I can’t remember which decade but I think some of the participants were still alive, so maybe the 50s. The Western Necropolis / Lambhill Cemetery is also worth a look, as is Sandymount.

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