Gallus Glasgow G: Garnethill

I have to say it is one of my favourite areas of Glasgow too! It must be the chookie burdies……..

The Glasgow Gallivanter

GWL Garnethill Walk October 13. Photo credit Mardelle Ceaser GWL Garnethill Walk October 2014. Photo credit Mardelle Ceaser

I have come to know Garnethill well in recent years – it’s the topic of one of Glasgow Women’s Library’s Women’s Heritage Walks on which I act as a tour guide. There we are above, looking gallus. It’s a mainly residential area near the city centre which got the first part of its name from Thomas Garnett (1766-1802) who built a house here. The views below explain the second part of the name quite well! There’s a hill in every direction.

Despite its relatively small size, Garnethill packs in a lot of history. The tour explores women’s lives via churches, hospitals, schools, a park, a synagogue, a museum (The Tenement House) and Mackintosh’s iconic Art School, shown bottom right after the fire damage of May 2014. The other pictures show gable-end public art from the late 70s, the Pocket Park, the birthplace…

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