On Fostering Cats

2015-10-03 15.03.36I have found myself as a foster mother for cats.  I thought it would be something I could do; I have an extra bedroom at the moment.  I like cats.  I miss mine; but that is another story.  Little did I know that once I expressed an interest; I would have two lively five-month old kitties practically the next day.  Tushie (above) and Milatto (not shown).  Tushie likes to be up high but does not do dishes.


They found a good home after a couple weeks.  I was quite sad the last night as I had been gone for a couple days and Tushie slept by my head the last night; purring.  She was such a wee thing; and her brother used to play with her a bit too hard (in my humble, feminist opinion).  Sleeping near me, or curling into me while I knit gave her cover.  (I called her Tinkerbell.)

Within a couple hours of them moving on, I had Benson (left) and BabyBaby is an eight year old male; skin and bones; no teeth.  Likes yoghurt for a treat.  Benson is my big boy.  He is thin too; don’t let those chipmunk cheeks fool you.  Completely freaked out and stand offish on arrival – Benson now, 10 days later, lives for chin scratches and full body rubs.  And purrs.  He will have a home soon, I hope.  Baby will take longer.

I am doing this for Cat’s Protection, Glasgow.  A lovely group of volunteers take in these wee souls and do our best to nourish body and soul for them so they can move on.  I am doing it for me, too.  Making a difference.  Can you be a foster parent, too?

Benson, on being cozy
Benson, on being cozy


  1. We have had cats in the past, but set our faces against it after the last one died a few years ago. It is a great thing you are doing, but I’m not sure I could. If we do change our minds though, we would definitely rehome a cat, I don’t like the idea of breeding pedigree animals. Interesting that they are all black, I think I read somewhere that black cats are harder to place. Less cute? A hangover from the typical image of a witch’s cat? Our last one was black and had been handed from pillar to post. We loved her though, so she got a good home in the end!

  2. Black cats are harder to place – yes. Tied to superstition.
    As I write this, I am grieving the wee kitty who I did adopt; Ginnie. An “older” cat whose owner went into a care home and her niece couldn’t cope with giving her thyroid pills.
    She had 8 months with me – at first scared and skitzy – and then calm and loving in her distant sort of way. Except telling me to go to bed at night so she could show me her affection and care – then go off to sleep. She was black – all black. And I deeply miss her.

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