Rites of Spring in the Botanics. Or, Ribbit!

Glasgow Botanics
Glasgow Botanics
“For goodness sake.  They aren’t even cute. “


 a chance meeting?  Or destiny?
Not now, Howard.
Not now, Howard.
Whisper in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere.
Whisper in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere.
Are you my mommy?

imageWords aren’t really necessary.  The sun was out.  The pond was “hopping”; literally.  I had never seen frogs in the pond before or perhaps had not noticed them?  But here they were. Doing their frog thing; frogspawn was abundant.

If you looked closely you could even see formation of a tadpole inside some of them.  I checked back a few days later, and there were no frogs.  But – the sun wasn’t out.

I looked in on them a number of times….wondering where they were.  Even on a sunny day there were none to be seen -but the frog eggs continued to glisten.  Do they get cold?

I feel like I witnessed a totally magic couple of afternoons.  And was so happy to have the camera.  I am certain that there was a Prince in the group somewhere.





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