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How To Deal With Under-Thinkers When You’re An Over-Thinker

I really like how she understands these things. Worth a read if you, like me, have ever been accused of “thinking too much”.

Your Rainforest Mind

photo courtesy Yeshi Kangrang, Unsplash

You’ve been called an over-thinker. You never. stop. thinking. Deep, wide, fast thinking comes naturally to your rainforest mind. You may need to learn to appreciate your capacity for complexity, analysis, synthesis, and learning instead of seeing yourself as obsessive, neurotic and diagnosable.

But what about the under-thinkers in the world? I’m not mentioning any names. How do you manage to work with them? To befriend them?  To live with them?

I realize that this is a tricky topic. I’ll try not to offend.

You may have been frustrated in your interactions because you experience many humans as slowish or lazy or rigid.  You think that they could do what you do or understand what you understand. If they tried harder. If they listened better. If they read the books you’re reading. You don’t realize that what’s obvious to you may be baffling to…

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Rites of Spring in the Botanics. Or, Ribbit!


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Words aren’t really necessary.  The sun was out.  The pond was “hopping”; literally.  I had never seen frogs in the pond before or perhaps had not noticed them?  But here they were. Doing their frog thing; frogspawn was abundant. If … Continue reading

Je Suis Sassenach


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The word “Sassenach” has become well-known with the advent of “Outlander” on television, in what now must be almost every country but Scotland – where we have to watch it on Amazon (I think).  But ever since I started reading … Continue reading