Angels We Have Heard on High VII December 27 2012

The prettiest one.  According to me.

The prettiest one. According to me.



I walked up Bond Street after a meeting.  I was on my way to Oxford Street, where I planned to nip into Selfridges for some N’Espresso pods (Indirya) before heading back home after meetings.

I had vaguely remembered that Victoria’s Secret  was finally opening in London.  My daughter is a true fan of VS “PINK” trackies.  Although I have found other V.S. articles in the laundry.At first, I thought one of the articles was a headband.  No further comment!

But this is a big attraction; I started to notice the pink shopping bags two blocks before; and two people asking the people with the highly visible pink bags where the store was.  They had American accents.  I thought that perhaps they should just wait until they took a trip home….frankly all “American” things here carry a hefty premium. Unless of course, they live in Arkansas, where they are better off here for a plethora of reasons.

This was my favorite Angel window…..okay – some of you might think this is slicing the turkey way too thin and close to the bone to choose this as an “Angel”.  But as I mentioned; when I look for them (Angels) they go “poof”; and who am I to be the judge of what “Angel” is really an “Angel”?  Some would definitely prefer fluff to abs.  Besides; I could get close to this one!  And the store was festive, the street was festive….

Some of you might be wondering if I wandered in and came out with a pink bag too.  No – I learned long ago that Angels don’t have my curves.  A couple of years ago my daughter and I watched the VS Fashion Show on television (Uncle Bob pretenses to be reading a book but was sneaking peeks and tapping his foot to the Black Eyed Peas) and if anything; these girls have no bums.  My “aha” moment as to why nothing in there I can wear. So the answer is “no” – I am more the Rigby &  Peller type. 🙂

Angels We Have Heard on High VI December 27 2012

A Lego Angel?  Well, why not.  It was a day with my daughter who arrived safe and sound if not two days late from the USA.  The supposed snowstorm in Chicago that left only mini-millimeters of snow, and cancelled all flights flying through that airport.  What a waste.  I could not have imagined Christmas Eve without her.

We went to Covent Garden; for some reason the only Jack Daniels Whisky barrel tree outside of Lynchburg is here.  I guess Londoners drink a lot of their product?  It is well advertised in the Tube.  Hence, Tube users are heavy patrons of jack Daniels Whisky.  She wanted to meet a friend there and it seemed a perfect match.  Except for the rain.  Have I ever told you it has been raining a lot in London? 

So, least expectation was for an angel; but as I always find – I can find what i am not looking for if indeed I am not looking for it.  Today I was not searching for angels, I was searching for whisky barrels and I found an angel.  Oh dear….I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it might mean.

There are over 7000 pieces of Lego in the calendar which took seven weeks to build.  I don’t know if that means full time like a real job; but it looks like an undertaking.  Visit – and tell me your favourite window.  Mine was the Christmas Pudding.

We also found the original Neal’s Yard, in well, Neal’s Yard.  I put a few photos in a “gallery” – I might have to do a section on this alone.  It was colourful and fun… this dreary weather I could relate to why theLove this signage bright colours.

Only one outside of Lynchburg!

Only one outside of Lynchburg!

Entrance to the real and original Neal's Yard and their corporate offices Sunflower Shutter in Neal's yard

Day 16 of Christmas in the Lego Calendar

Day 16 of Christmas in the Lego Calendar

Angels We Have Heard on High V

Angels We Have Heard on High V

Angel atop the Wimbledon New Theatre

I posted this last night; and the words disappeared.  Where did they go?  I started this project hoping to do at least 12 Days of Angels (we have heard on High).  Who could have known how difficult this would be?  I think I see angels everywhere I go here; then when I take out the camera; poof!  No angels!

I knew where this angel resides.  She is atop the New Theatre in Wimbledon, fondly called “Wimbles” by locals. Same as the Tennis.

Every Christmas season, “Pantos” abound.  Wimbledon attracts interesting celebrities to play parts; last year it was Pamela Anderson of Baywatch and enhanced body part/bad ass rocker husband (ex?) fame.  This year it is Priscilla Presley of Elvis fame.  I didn’t know she acted; she looks great in the posters.

The day was sunny – so unusual in an English winter (or summer) of our clime.  Forget the books; we have 50 shades of gray for the holidays….not exactly the “perfect present” that (again) the tube posters promise (really; please, I want my boxed book set with boxing gloves so I can box your bloody ears on Boxing Day for getting it for me, dear)…Opps, off on a tangent rant.

The day was sunny – so challenging to photograph, and please pardon the adjustments I made.  I love this angel now that I see her up close SHE HAS A BELLY!  YIPPEE! She is soft, and looks like I would look, if I were to wear jersey and let the wind rip through me facing front (not that I ever would, or at least be photographed in that compromising position!) but Bless this Girl for being real and curvy and letting it show; and for the spikes on her wings to keep off the pigeons (more shades of gray!).