Nina. My “in-between-a”.

Nina came to me a little over a month ago as a foster.  I wasn’t ready after losing Ginnie.  But, when you volunteer with a cat charity, you know that there are more cats than homes… when a soon-to-be-a-momma cat needed a place; Nina came to mine.

I had met her before – she had been staying at one of the volunteer’s house for a month already.  Her owners had a change in financial condition and couldn’t keep her.  She is a sweetie – and very, very busy.   Ginnie had been an “older and experienced” cat, and quite quiet.

Nina is still a kitten.

The charity thought they had found a perfect home for Nina.  Children, a younger cat needing a playmate.  A house.  A garden.  YAY!  I have a flat.  A younger cat wants to go outside and PLAY.   A stay at home mom. So off she went after her meet and greet –

To return three days later.  Let’s say it “just didn’t work”.  She returned, her tail up in the air and chirping as she ran to her “party mix” special bowl – the teacup of my grandmother’s bavarian china set.  JUST for Party Mix.  And for the next couple of days, she thought that if she sat under my wee table, she couldn’t be taken anywhere.

“I don’t know how to tell you this” said a friend – “you’ve been adopted”. 


Miss Nina is still here.  My neighbour, who lost her “Munch” the day before I lost “Ms. Ginnie” loves her and so does her son.  She visits them.  I hear there is a family interested….but the criteria list gets longer everyday.  Young children?  No.  Working parents?  No.  Imports American Party Mix?  Definitely.  Sparkle Balls?  By the dozen, please.  And the latest…..Cat Soup.

Nina of course, has a home for as long as she needs it – but she has been asking me to move somewhere so she can have a wee garden.  She’s the boss.


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